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Undergrad Admission

Art History Undergrad Admissions click here.

Effective August 15, 2013, the UIC School of Art and Design will become the UIC School of Art and Art History and the UIC School of Design.

Potential applicants are encouraged to attend preview days which are sponsored by the Office of Student Services in the College of Architecture, Design and the Arts.

Key information about undergraduate admissions:

Applications are submitted to the UIC Office of Admissions. Applications are available online. Please do not submit a portfolio, creative work is not reviewed for program admission. All timelines are established by UIC Admissions.

Admission is based on a combination of things: ACT/SAT score, high school GPA, class rank, and personal statement.

Transfer students:
Admission is based on GPA from transfer institution, and personal statement. Transfer students will be given a Degree Audit Report at orientation which will explain what courses are being accepted for credit. This review will not take place prior to that time.

Inter-collegiate transfers:
Anyone who is presently a student at UIC and wishing to transfer to the School of Art and Design must complete an application form. (These are available in 208 Jefferson Hall) Admission is based on GPA, no portfolio will be reviewed. The minimum GPA is a 2.75.

Once accepted, students should carefully read each piece of correspondence they receive. There are several things that will need to be returned to UIC to be fully admitted and to reserve a place at an orientation session.

All incoming students will be required to purchase a mac laptop computer. The UIC bookstore has the current specs. Accepted students should watch the bookstore web site, MicroStation, for changes as new computers and software become available. All students must also purchase Adobe CS5 Master Collection. The software is available through the bookstore at a discounted price.

All students are admitted to the Art or the Design Foundation program. At the end of the first year (generally in late April) a portfolio review is held. Each student must pass the review for the area in which they wish to major. Once they have done so, they will then enter into the sequence of courses required for the specific major.